Hey Welf, when you use the word “values”, I guess you don’t mean the thing I’m talking about in What the Hell are Values? Do you mean something more like “universal ideological commitments”? (In Four Social Worlds, I use the term “setting expectations” for ideological commitments. In other places we’ve used the terms “social modeling” or “social visions” for ideological commitments.)

If you’re interested in what I call ideological commitments, I have notes about what some of new, interesting ideological commitments might be here: https://www.notion.so/humsys/Four-Virtues-of-Future-Systems-369c8d66a67a4bfd8109cf4cc2e57431.

When I talk about designing for people’s values, I am talking specifically about what I mean by values. It is also important to take ideological commitments into account. But it’s only in designing around values that we are really listening to what is meaningful for people.

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