So far as I can tell, all the interesting ideas in nrx come from a handful of brilliant liberal / civic humanist / communitarian philosophers of the late 80s and 90s. Most notably Alasdair MacIntyre (cited in your first link) and Charles Taylor (one of the main sources in my article). These two have a long history together and are most definitely left wing. [A good place to start is Taylor’s review of MacIntyre’s After Virtue, titled “Justice After Virtue”]

The rise of nrx (and lesswrong and ssc and postrat) is a bummer, in my view. It happened because of the inaccessibility of the work of “real philosophers” and the rise of an intermediating layer of bloggers like Yudkowsky and Nick Land and so on who just aren’t so smart, but who’ve positioned themselves as accessible and popular in a time when academic philosophy feels remote.

I hope conditions will change, that more academic philosophers will start publishing accessible articles, and that social media will transit them as well or better than the blog posts of nrx / ssc / postrat / ribbonfarm etc, which are the TED talks + Breitbart of phil.

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